Sem 1

Seminar 1: The Research Agenda

Held at the University of Sheffield, Friday 31st of January, 2014.


(Click on the links to see and download the papers on which the presentations are based).

10.00 – Coffee

10.30 – Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar Series

  • Ian Bache (University of Sheffield), Karen Scott (University of Newcastle) and Charles Seaford (new economics foundation)

10.50 – Policy perspectives: wellbeing on the political agenda

  • Charles Seaford (Head of the Centre for Wellbeing, new economics foundation)
  • Paul Allin (Imperial College and former Head of the National Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics)
  • Ewen McKinnon (Wellbeing and Civil Society Policy, Analysis and Insights Team, Cabinet Office)
  • Chair, Ian Bache

Feb 14 025

Feb 14 041

12.30 – Lunch and informal discussions

1.30 – Policy perspectives continued: feedback from informal discussions

2.00 – Academic perspectives: wellbeing on the ‘political science’ agenda

  • Karen Scott
  • Louise Reardon (University of Sheffield) (for copyright reasons the paper can be found here)
  • Paul Anand (Open University)
  • Chair, Aki Tsuchiya (Director, Centre for Wellbeing in Public Policy, University of Sheffield)

Feb 14 053

Feb 14 057

3.30 – Tea

3.45 – Feedback and roundtable discussion

4.15 – Summing up and next steps (Ian Bache, Karen Scott and Charles Seaford)

4.30 – End

A full attendance list for the seminar is available here.