We are currently in the process of developing our blog. It will feature interesting commentary on wellbeing, along the themes outlined in our seminar programme. If you are interested in contributing to the blog please contact one of the team.

Annie Austin writes about ‘Why happiness is not enough to replace GDP’. Follow the link;

Annie Austin, one of our seminar participants, has recently won the Kuklys Prize at the Annual HDCA Conference 2014, for her paper entitled ‘Practical reason in hard times: the effects of economic crisis on the kinds of lives people in the UK have reason to value’. Read it here.

Karen Scott asks ‘Can we plan for wellbeing?’ after attending a recent meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on wellbeing. Read it here.

Ian Bache and Louise Reardon have recently discussed wellbeing as a ‘wicked problem’ on the LSE British Politics and Policy blog. Read it here.

Ian Bache and Louise Reardon blogged for the Political Studies Association, asking whether Wellbeing is an idea whose time has come? Read it here.

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