The Politics of Wellbeing seminar series consists of five interdisciplinary seminars and a concluding conference. If you are interesting in attending any of these please get in touch with one of the team. Specific dates for seminars will be released soon, keep checking the website for more details.


1. The Research Agenda (Sheffield, Friday 31 January 2014) Convenors: Prof Ian Bache, Charles Seaford (nef) and Paul Allin (CStat, FRSA; former Director of the Measuring National Well-being Programme at the ONS). What have been the main wellbeing-related initiatives to date and why? What has been their impact? What are the main disciplinary contributions? What are the gaps in disciplinary contributions and in knowledge transfer to the policy community?

2. Methodologies, Evidence and Policy Relevance (Newcastle, Monday 23 June 2014) Convenors: Dr Karen Scott and Professor Mark Shucksmith (Director, NISR). How can Politics contribute new thinking on methods to enhance effective and innovative cross disciplinary perspectives on wellbeing? How will this help to address research gaps and enhance policy effectiveness?

3. Governance and Public Policy (London, Tuesday 23 September 2014) Convenors: Prof Ian Bache, Dr Karen Scott and Charles Seaford (nef). What are the appropriate governance arrangements and mechanisms through which effective and accountable wellbeing interventions might be advanced? What are the barriers to the development of effective wellbeing policies? What are the useful lessons for policy-makers?

4. Political Economy and Wellbeing (Sheffield, Friday 30 January 2015) Convenors: Prof Ian Bache and Prof Anthony Payne (Co-Director of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI)). What is the relationship between the wellbeing agenda and debates on new growth/growth plus/sustainable growth models, post-financial crisis? How might this dialogue be developed most productively for policy-makers?

5. Political Theory and Wellbeing (Newcastle, Friday 17 April 2015) Convenors: Dr Karen Scott and Dr Derek Bell (University of Newcastle): How does wellbeing relate to traditions of thought in different political parties and other organisations? How might this point to different policy solutions to the wellbeing agenda?


6. Concluding Conference: The Politics of Well-being – A New Agenda (Sheffield, 17 July 2015) Convenors: Prof Ian Bache, Dr Karen Scott and Charles Seaford. Plenary sessions putting UK developments in international perspective, drawing on the insights of policy-makers from elsewhere. Workshops engaging practitioners as discussants for academic papers and explore the possibility for joint publications and further research collaboration.

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