Sem 5

Sponsored by The Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal (NISR)

This seminar took place on Friday, 17 April at The Clore Suite, Great North Museum, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4PT. The day explored the relationship between political theory and well-being.

Below is the programme of the day and details of speakers. Their presentations are made available as hyperlinks in their names:

10.15 – Coffee

10.45 – Welcome and Recap of the Seminar Series

  • Karen Scott (University of Newcastle) and Ian Bache (University of Sheffield)

11.00 – Panel session one

  • Alasdair Cochrane, Sheffield University – Politics and the Inevitability of Well-Being
  • Justine N. Uvuza, Newcastle University – Feminist/Gender Perspectives and wellbeing
  • Sam Wren Lewis, Leeds University/ Happy City Initiative – A New Understanding of Well-being and its Role in Public Policy
  • Chair, Louise Reardon, University of Leeds

12.30 – Lunch and informal discussions

1.15 – Feedback from informal discussions

1.45 – Panel session two

  • Annie Austin, Manchester University – Well-being and Social Justice: Equality of What?
  • Tim Taylor, Leeds University – The Proper Role for Well-being in Public Policy
  • Derek Bell, Newcastle University – Wellbeing and Democracy
  • Chair, Charles Seaford (New Economics Foundation)

3.15 – Refreshments and informal discussion

3.40 – Feedback from informal discussions

4.10 – Summing up and next steps (Ian Bache, Louise Reardon, Karen Scott and Charles Seaford)

4.30 – End

The programme is also available as a PDF document here.

The full attendance list for the seminar is available here.

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