Sem 4

Seminar 4: Political Economy and Wellbeing

Co-sponsored with SPERI

This seminar took place at ICOSS, The University of Sheffield, on 30 January 2015.

The day explored the relationship between various ideas and narratives that challenge the ‘god of growth’ paradigm’ and how dialogue around these ideas and narratives might be developed most productively for policy-makers.

Here is the programme of the day, details of speakers, and their powerpoint presentations (provided as hyperlinks in their name):

10.00 – Coffee

10.30 – Welcome and Introduction to the ESRC Seminar Series by Ian Bache (University of Sheffield) and Karen Scott (University of Newcastle)

10.40 – Welcome from the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) by Professor Tony Payne, Co-Director of SPERI

10.50 – Narratives beyond GDP:

  • Prof John O’Neill, University of Manchester  – Sustainable development
  • Prof Paul Allin, Imperial College and former Head of the National Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics – Wellbeing
  • Chair, Prof Nicola Phillips, University of Sheffield.

12.30 – Lunch and informal discussions

1.30 – Narratives beyond GDP continued: feedback from informal discussions

2.00 – Challenging established narratives in policy terms

3.40 – Tea

4.00 – Summing up and next steps (Ian Bache, Tony, Payne, Karen Scott and Charles Seaford)

4.30 – End

Please note: Prof Diane Perrons, London School of Economics, was not able to make the event. She was due to present at 10.50am about Narratives Beyond GDP. Though she was unable to be present, she has offered her powerpoint presentation slides, which are available here.

A full attendance list for the seminar is available here.